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WMany of the jobs available today may be gone within a decade. With increasing automation and other factors, more children will need to leave school with the technological skills needed in the future economy. Students need to be learning the skills necessary for the jobs that have yet to be created. In its September 2016 report, the Education Commission - a group of world leaders and experts set up to investigate how to deliver education for all children by 2030 - said: "Far-reaching innovation is needed to equip young people with the new knowledge and skills they need for the new economy, to provide education to millions more children effectively and efficiently, and to take advantage of new technology and new understanding of how children learn."


Technology can deliver new educational opportunities for everyone

In schools around the world, computers, tablets, smart whiteboards and other technological devices are being used as part of the learning process.

Technology provides a window to the world and access to thousands of learning resources.

Learning to work with technology and using computer coding gives children the skills.

The number of children around the world using handheld devices, like mobile phones and mini-tablets, is growing.

Agencies and organisations are taking advantage of the technology to deliver education where it is most needed.

Technology can be used as a tool for delivering education where it is most needed, especial in humanitarian emergencies such as war or natural disasters.